Born and Raised in Western Australia

I grew up on a cattle, sheep and grain farm in the south west of Western Australia. Growing up in this environment was incredible, fresh air, open space, serenity, growing up with all kinds of pets like geese, chooks, dogs, cats, cattle and their baby calves, sheep and lambs, even had the odd baby joey (kangaroo) and stray bird as well. Country life is truly a great way for kids to understand the Australian country way of life and especially understanding & knowing where our produce comes from.  I believe that children in the city and also some country areas miss out nowadays on understanding where and how their food gets to their plates.

I have 3 brothers and one sister, we all went to boarding school in Perth which was almost a 4 hour car trip away from our farm. Most people who have been to boarding school would say they didn’t like it much but I found it to be an incredible time of my life, giving me the independence, liberation and confidence that I would need for the rest of my life.

When everyone else was and had decided what their career would be when they left school I was still deliberating on what I was going to do. The only thought that kept coming into my mind was my mother saying “I would make a great Nurse”, so that’s what I did. I became a qualified Nurse, still not too sure if this is the career I really wanted to have but it has given me the knowledge and the foundation of where I am today and I’m eternally grateful.

A Passion for Health

TracyEven though my school years for the majority of time I ate well and always participated in sports, being fit was a big part of my life. During which I have enjoyed sports of all kinds for example outdoor women’s soccer, netball, basketball, swimming, yoga, weight training, aerobics, ballet, tennis, and have for the majority of my life been mindful of what foods give me the energy I need for the day and how that food makes me feel, so a healthy diet is also very important to me.

I nursed the elderly and had a stint in a country hospital but the majority of my time was spent looking after children in acute care. Children who had been involved in motor vehicle accidents, children who needed major lifesaving surgery and main surgery, open heart and cardiac care plus caring for children who had neurological issues.  I loved what I did however it was at this point I knew there had to be something else to one’s health. Why was it that there were so many children being admitted to hospital at such a young age with varying illnesses and seeing no major improvements? This was sad to see. Back in the day no one asked the question of WHY is my child so ill.  There was only a pill dispensed or prescription written and that was to make it all ok. All the medications under the sun weren’t making much of a difference to their health.

A Career Change

After having 2 wonderful children of my own whom are now 2 wonderful young men I decided that there had to be more to life then administering medication and not seeing much of a positive development in one’s health. As I had been involved in the gym scene for many years I decided to become qualified as a personal trainer. I combined my fitness training with minimal nursing shifts and gradually removed myself from the entire medical scene which suited me just fine. Being a trainer was fun and exciting, noticing the changes in someone’s body, movement and seeing how being fit can change the mindset of a person for the better, and I was the one that was helping make those changes, this is inspiring for me I could see how happy people became.  Fitness was still not enough for me though, my clients would come in and tell me of other issues they were having in their lives, like relationship problems, yo-yo dieting, sleep deprivation, some couldn’t make it to their appointments because they had come down with another cold or just felt crappy.

I wanted to help people on a deeper level. I had heard of the CHEK Institute from a friend of mine and over a short space of time became qualified as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. I thought this is it, I have my medical and fitness background and now a coaching certification. I have a deep awareness of the foundations of the CHEK principles and have helped many others with different areas of their lives and also within myself. There are reasons why we feel the way we do, having a greater understanding of how our minds play a big part of our lives and what impact that has on our body.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (Functional Medicine) came along relatively soon after my certification as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, I still wanted to know the WHY people were having all of these health problems, what’s the ROOT causes of ongoing health concerns. I am pleased to say now I can help people even more holistically and help them on a deeper level diagnostically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Tracy Working AwayThe highlight of my career was when I was approached to embark as a FIFO (fly in fly out) Health Consultant for a large mining company in the Pilbara of Western Australia in 2014. My company, how exciting. This was an opportunity of a lifetime, aligning my business with a multi- million dollar corporate company. I travelled almost 12 months being onsite 4-5 days out of every week, 12-14 hour days, staying in camp with everyone else and eating the same food, doing everything a FIFO worker does. It really was an eye opener. A great accomplishment for myself and my career. Even though it was a little tiring at times I loved every minute of it, travelling to a remote area and consulting with over 350 personnel both residential and FIFO, about their health & lifestyles. This was my dream job, literally.

Ups and Downs

Tracy's Sons

I was brought back to earth in the early months of 2015 when my eldest son was admitted to Royal Perth Hospital with an unidentified illness which still to this day doctors are still none the wiser. He did have meningitis and encephalitis but there was still something lurking, unidentified and sinister, un-diagnosable.  He spent 5 weeks in Intensive Care, intubated and on life support he had cancer treating toxic medication running through his veins intravenously.  Multiple x-rays, MRI’s and lumbar punctures were almost a daily routine for him, it was a very scary and deeply stressful time for all of us. Doctors & dieticians would not allow me to feed him with healthy organic fluids into his nasogastric tube and the thought of what those medications were doing to his body was frightening. It was a gruelling 5 weeks but he miraculously got better, it still brings tears to my eyes. Then he had 3 weeks with rehabilitation, learning how to walk, shower, toilet, dress and feed himself all over again. This was definitely one of the most stressful and frustrating times of my life especially knowing what I have learnt over my many years in the health industry but one which I can say has had a bright, wonderful ending. Over a period of time he eventually went back to work part-time then fulltime and has recently been married with a bright future ahead for both him and his bride.

As you can see I’ve certainly had my fair share of ups and downs just like so many of you. I’ve had some big disappointments in my life, heartbreak, and sometimes inconsolable moments of stress. I’ve been a single mum, struggling to make ends meet. I’ve been through a divorce, been made redundant from jobs, financial stress and depression but then I’ve also had amazing times in my life and these good times far out way the bad times.  It’s made me who I am today. It may’ve taken a while but I’ve overcome and worked through the problems that I had and have made it through to the other side. Being able to help others to overcome their problems is what I’m passionate about, because if you’re given the right tools then there is no end to what you can achieve.  I’m happy to say that I’m not a person who has just jumped into the holistic health field without experiencing the downfalls of what life has thrown at me.

Life is awesome, it’s time to live it!!!

Introduction to My Life