In November 2012 I decided to take the 1st step to become healthy, by doing this I went down to check out the closest gym to me. On the wall I seen a few personal trainers photos, with information about them and a business card, straight away Tracy’s card stood out to me out of everyone she wasnt just a personal trainer she was also a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Advisor at the time I thought this is exactly what I need so I contacted her that day. When I spoke to Tracy on the phone the first time she had all the answers to my questions and more, we organised to meet up at my house the next day to sit down and have a chat, my mum also came. We sat down and spoke about everything as we organised to start personal training the next day 3 days a week in the morning for a 45 minute session down at the Snap Fitness gym in Melville. I have never watched what I eat, never looked at the back of a box to see the fat total and sugars when I have brought something, Tracy has taught me so much about what I put in my body and actually how important it is. I feel so much healthier today and with all the great advice and information that Tracy provided me with I hope to bring with me for the rest of my life. I am still trying to lose more weight and make it a lifestyle change and I am so grateful for everything Tracy has taught me.

Veronica January 16, 2016