I was in a downward spiral with my health, mentally, emotionally and physically. I never dreamt I would be in the position I was in at the time I went to visit Tracy. Over the years I had become so sedentary, always tired and not really sleeping at night. I was a shift worker at the time, working 12 hour shifts 1 week days and 1 week nights then I’d go home for a week. My relationship with my wife and 3 teenage kids was terrible. Work was getting me down always tired and it looked like I was going to lose my job. I bet that sounds like others out there, hey. I really enjoyed our sessions together, Tracy would really listen to my problems and really showed she cared. It has been a tough time of late but over time but I’m getting there. Unfortunately I did lose my job but I still have my health, family and kids to enjoy. With a lot of the old pressures gone I am driven to keep going with improving my health. I’ve changed my mindset, improved my diet, I’m exercising more, I’ve lost weight and I even sleep all through the night, this has been the best thing I’ve ever done, I don’t miss any of my regular visits with my coach, she’s incredible.

Owen September 4, 2016