I started looking for a trainer when I was pregnant to guide me to pregnancy safe workouts and that is how I started training with Tracy and she beyond met my expectations. She guided me and tailored my training according to my state each step of the way, physically, emotionally and always went above and beyond the role of just training and gave me advice to keep up my general wellbeing. She motivated me not in a pushy way but in a way that made me motivate myself that even on days where I felt so unwell i would push through to go to my training sessions as I would feel great afterwards. Tracy encompasses both personality and expertise and having knowledge in nutrition and personal training I felt very safe and comfortable and she made it enjoyable. It is hard to meet a trainer that actually cares about you and not just pushing you to body breaking point and that is why I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone wanting to work with someone who looks after you as a whole package; body, mind and soul, both inner and outer health. Thank you so much for all your help.

Reem April 29, 2016