Hi, my name is Tash and I want to share a little of my experience with Tracy through my travels from having my baby three years ago till now. I’ve known Tracy a long time and therefore felt safe and trusted her expertise in helping me lose my baby weight safely and get back on track with clean and healthy eating allowing me to have treats without feeling like I had fallen off the wagon. So, with a great eating plan, (with which foods sustained me longer and a list of foods to avoid) and a sensible exercise plan off I went. Successfully losing weight and feeling great. Tracy has an ability to keep you motivated and has made herself available whenever I have wanted to change or challenge any part of my program whether it be food or exercise. I love cooking and Tracy has been able to help steer me in the right direction to obtaining the best ingredients from speciality stores to the growers markets in my local area..and finally, Tracy has a passion for ALL aspects of Health. So I know that information that she shares with me is current and has been researched well..I have enjoyed my journey so far and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Natasha May 1, 2016